run of the mill home inspection report.

It’s our goal at Steve Monson Quality Inspections to add value to your experience. It’s just one more benefit you get when choosing us!

Our inspection report provides an invaluable learning and discovery experience during which your questions can be answered on the spot. We take the time to thoroughly inspect your new home. We use an exhaustive checkoff list and take numerous digital pictures and videos, gathering all the necessary information needed to compile an accurate, comprehensive and easy to understand inspection report delivered to you the same day in most cases. Once we complete the onsite inspection and our walk through with you, we go back to our office where we upload our findings into what we believe to be the industry’s most advanced computer software program. Its cloud based features make reporting and delivery efficient and allows you to view your report from anywhere, even on your smartphone or tablet in just a few short hours after your inspection. 

Agents often dread getting the home inspection report and working on the repair addendum. HomeGauge’s new “Create Request List” feature is now going to make this process easy for the agent and home buyer! Some agents still fax requests or type requests, include the full report, or only pages of the report (scanned into a dull image). There are many methods and no standard.

HomeGauge gives the inspection company the ability for their agents and buyers to use their report to create a Repair Request Addendum or a Project list easily and automatically in a standard method to finish negotiations, or if there are no negotiations (As is) then the buyer can create a project list to work from should they buy the home.


The buyer and agent can even go over this list together while on the phone. This created repair list will also help with liability of agent miscommunication with their customer or the seller. Such as when they arrive at the home after the closing and discover that some of the items they thought the seller was to include or repair was not included after all. Many times in the negotiation process (post inspection) the buyer and seller put things "on the table" and take them off the table. Miscommunication can cause the deal to fall in jeopardy near the closing, or afterwards it can start a lawsuit.

It is very easy to use and actually engaging to the customer and agent with a sense of progress and accomplishment as they create their list from the inspection report. This will save time, remove egos (agent to agent), create standardization, and we time stamp what request were made and by whom. This eliminates liability for the agent and customer and seller by establishing an ID and history of the creation of the document. Agents love it.

Don’t settle for the average run of the mill report! We offer a modern, sleek user friendly state of the art experience for our clients and their agent.   



Create A Repair List From Your

Home Inspection Summary.

Here's How it Works!

Currently HomeGauge has a patent pending on the process and my agents and clients can use it free if they use Steve Monson Quality Inspections, LLC for their inspection service.

Just remember no house is perfect. We do our best to make you aware of the properties condition prior to purchase to avoid any unnecessary surprises. A good quality home inspection is not meant to discourage you from buying, but instead educate you on the overall condition and give you peace of mind as you turn your new house into a home.    


 We are confident you will be more than pleased with a

Steve Monson Quality Inspection.